Everything You Need To Know About The OX Mission & How It Benefits YOU

October 4, 2022

What Is OX?

OX is the Earning App for Gen Z. We are pioneering a disruptive people-centric economy in Web 3 - powered by you.

OX connects every day, global individuals with commerce in a one-to-one, direct relationship using OX 1-minute actions & HumanThink™ Technology.  Just like the way lean manufacturing changed the world of process optimisation; OX brings the next major breakthrough in Commercial Optimisation.

How Can You Use OX To Your Advantage?

Our app turns everyone into a potential gig worker or collaborator from the comfort of their phone - without stealing and selling your data. You’ll get paid for resources that you didn’t even know were valuable, namely your time, attention, or data that you use on your own terms.

Our initial markets are the Attention Economy sitting at a 1B$ evaluation. the Supply Marketplace at 14T$ & a Collaboration Marketplace which is currently infinite.

What’s Makes OX Different?

OX stands out through our unique technologies, namely Humanthink™, OX Data Vault™ and our blockchain & NFT technologies.

These enable:

  1. Matching individual data sets with commercial entities, using a trusted protocol, through legally binding smart contracts, without storing data.
  2. Individual consent and full data control - with terms of data usage clearly specified.
  3. Individual freedom: by enabling the user to keep their data on their device, not sold to third parties without their knowledge.

Who Is OX For?

OX is designed for Gen Z, the digital nomads of our time. They are interconnected, stand by their values and use their impact across social platforms on a massive scale to influence the direction of the future.  ****Our mission is to allow every Individual to monetise their data, attention, time & creativity, and to provide 100+ million people the opportunity to earn a livelihood and passive income directly from the OX App.

Time to flip the script, take back control and stop being the product.

Join Us In Creating The Jobs Of The Future.