October 4, 2022

Ox Is Essential To Helping Shape The Future Of Anyone Under 25 - Here’s Why

We don’t need verified statistics to prove that 98% of Gen Z own a phone and would consider it their most important device.

In case you were wondering, the “Z” in Gen-Z stands for Zoomer - as this is the first generation known to 'zoom' the internet. If you’re a part of Gen-Z, you are part of a group of hyper-connected individuals which have been named the “first global generation”- you probably love technology and you’re very likely to contribute to an economic revolution in the coming years.

As a part of Gen Z myself, I identify with seeking superior ways of working, earning money, and overall simply living a better life than the cookie-cutter approach that is generally fed to us by society.

Gen Z also value diversity & inclusion very strongly, we have high standards when it comes to ethics and transparency. We want authentic commitment to fighting climate change and safeguarding the environment and seek truly sustainable companies, both to work with and buy from. Through our buying decisions, we hold a deep power to drive a global transformation that other generations will have to adapt to.

Finally, we also value remote working and freedom of movement / travel - within an environment that encourages growth within our careers, and one that consistently widens our skillsets and broadens our horizons.

Now that we know exactly what Gen-Z stands for - how exactly are society, businesses and governments supporting the needs of this influential demographic?

Are there any companies fully invested in providing an all-encompassing platform that safeguards the values, ideologies, time, attention and personal data of this group of individuals? With a focus giving users ways of making money in exchange for these resources?

Sadly, the answer is no.

Well, the answer was no…

Enter OX, arriving on the tech scene in the form of an app to grow the skills of borderless individuals - with an emphasis on fully understanding the needs of Gen Z.

The OX App encourages new levels of growth, innovation, and self-sovereignty for everyone who downloads and joins our community. We reward our users in the form of YOOX Tokens - which you can earn by leveraging core resources that you might not think are very valuable - your attention, time and your data that is otherwise taken for granted and sold by the average company.

OX supports a new era of digital commerce and consumerism, where our community can earn a substantial living from the value they create - using just a phone! This gives you the flexibility and independence you desire as well as the freedom to express ideas and monetise your creative mind.

Your network is your net worth and users on the OX platform can take advantage of a collaborate feature along with other OX users in the community - providing endless entrepreneurial opportunities to network and increase your earnings.

Want more? OX also supports businesses through a two-way marketplace for commerce and consumers (users). Commerce is linked to users through their attention, time and data, (with transparent consent) through the app’s innovative 1-minute action model -- made possible by the power of human behavioral science; Humanthink™ technology. So in this way, the benefit this provides to business models is two-fold.

OX believes Gen Z has the power to drive a global transformation, not only in climate change and environmental protection but also in discrimination, inequality and economic growth - so our app aims to support these principles and so support you.

The platform generates an authentic exchange of value, which already resonates with 1.5m Gen-Z users very well. The OX mission and vision is to positively impact the future of Gen Z, by being ‘The Ultimate Gig Worker Job App. We will help radically elevate and disrupt the standards of today’s society to significantly improve your life in the process.

Join the OX movement & start earning today.

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