It’s Time To Stop Staring At The Car Crash

September 29, 2022

In one way or another, we’ve all come across some evidence of corruption throughout society…

We’re skeptical of big companies, or our government at some level. Unfortunately, between seeing the damage and grasping the concept of what’s really happening, the damage is already done.

It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion - be it global warming, rising inflation rates, data & surveillance states, mass waste and pollution, unfair distribution of wealth, poor education...

The systems are failing.

The rich get richer, using the poor to elevate themselves further. People are struggling to make ends meet. The planet is getting destroyed & the youth are facing living situations that are only getting worse by the day. The sad truth is that the systems were designed by the 1% to benefit themselves, not the 99%. They say it’s for your benefit, but hide consent in pages of text... They try to reassure you and constantly feed you sugar, to keep you sweet and comfortable - and stop you thinking about the bigger picture by keeping you afraid.

When you’re afraid, you don’t take action, so they spread fear through the media to keep the masses subservient.

“Just keep working, and don’t ask any questions.”

Luckily for us though, the internet has invited us into a new information age, where people can uncover the truth on certain issues, and the masses are finally starting to take action…

The Global GenZ Community - Taking Back The Power

What we’re seeing today is a society that’s waking up to the realities of  the world they have been born into, and the anger and frustration is starting to show. People are realising that the people who we were told were the good guys, never were.

The banks, the gambling software behind social media, government officials being paid off to pass laws, media companies selling your data, pharmaceutical brands over-prescribing dangerous drugs…the list goes on and on

And the sad part is, we only really see 10% of all the corruption at play…

So how do we fight back?

How do we counter the greed and take back control?  How can I alone fix it?

That’s the thing, you’re not alone, the masses have always had the real power. The more people realise how many systems are truly corrupt, the more people will stand up in the face of tyranny. That is how we shift the power structure and create better systems. Entire industries & societies are built by people and brought together - that’s serious buying power.

Time to play differently.

Time to change the game.

With OX, we’re creating and pioneering a disruptive people centric economy in Web 3.

We’re building the largest human economy powered by the people.

By downloading our app and and bringing on your friends and family, you are making a stand, a stand that helps to grow the voice of the masses that are tired of being a cog in the machine for the mega-rich. Our members are in full control of their online privacy, time, data, attention, creativity and beyond.

The best part?

With OX, you’ll be able to monetize yourself, while fundamentally helping to change systems that are broken. It’s a win-win.

Our first disruptive mission is Big Tech & The Data Industry. We want to reward your desire to fix the world, by allowing every OX member to monetize at the most basic level of the metaverse economy - your data & your attention.

That’s right - we’re giving you the power to make money with your vote.

The possibilities are endless and can be applied to change many systems. Help us speak up, let’s work together to create your ideal future. A future that’s fair, a future that’s abundant and peaceful. OX is your voice - it’s your platform and your EconoME.

It’s time to start making money through your beliefs.

Welcome to the OX Revolution.