November 25, 2022
The fastest way to increase income.

There are two types of people in this world; the 1% and the 99%’ers. The 1% are the wealthiest in the world; Gates, Bezos, Musk etc.… They have thriving businesses, but more importantly, they live life on their terms. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re working a 9-5 and fit into the 99%’er club.

Money doesn’t come to those who go the extra mile at work. It comes to those who walk the miles outside of work.

Celebrate or criticise them; the truth is, most people generate an income through a side hustle or side gig.

That’s usually the money used for personal freedom, saved, or spent on investments, or just to breathe a little easier throughout the month!

The key to success is working smart, not hard. Most people believe success equates to hard work, grinding from dawn ‘till dusk. —Is there an escape from the 9-5 continuum? Certainly,OX App is where anyone can start.

OX is a new economy of wealth based on trading data points and actions of an individual.

OX doesn’t just show members how to gain wealth- the App gives individuals the tools and platform to make that happen, the easiest and fastest way possible.


Built on web 3, OX is a free earningApp, developed for Gen Z to earn a livelihood and build wealth with passive income streams from their personal data and time - directly from a smart phone.

What makes OX unique is its users data Protection, guaranteed through a decentralised Data Vault™, backed byBlockchain and NFT technology. This makes OX a stand-alone trailblazer compared to other Apps of a similar genre. Why? Simple. OX doesn’t store users data.

Instead, data rights are given directly to the users through legally binding smart contracts. This safety bolt allows users to keep their data on their own device; ensuring users get the best in self-regulatory data privacy.

“OX is building a trillion dollar company-the largest human-centred economy in the world”.

To gain wealth, OX Co-founder, Bernard Flynn continues;

“All you need are data points, or actions that you can earn€10 for (or the equivalent of)”.

After you get that €10, trade that 10 more times.That’ll get you €100—Do the same thing 10 more times and you’ve got €1000 in your wallet—Do that another 10 times and guess what- your initial €10 has just turned into €10,000--

With just €10euros, you can leap into financial freedom.”

“OX uses the same strategy as a trade off for its users; the more people brought to the app to build up the platform, the more rewards the users get”.

Lets cut to the chase and dive straight into how to earn from the App;

The first way to earn is through OX’s limited issuance of YOOX Tokens for early adopters. YOOX Tokens are digital assets, otherwise known as OX equity.

YOOX tokens are equivalent to Charlie and the chocolate factory’s Golden ticket- they’re a rare chance for early users to gain share ownership in the App—Meaning, users can become instant part owners in OX simply by signing up friends!

Wonder why the early members reward is so substantial? OX’s inauguration campaign is to grow its user base extensively, not only to gain brand awareness but also to enable other features on the App to be initiated.

OX demonstrates that the key to users monetary growth is through user acquisition to the App. As OX’s user base increases, the value of YOOX increases.

How can users get their hands on YOOX tokens?

Download the App and send the unique invite link to friends—Users are instantly rewarded with YOOX’s per invited friend’s that download the App.

OX’s parallel earning feature is the 1-MinuteAction Marketplace where users earn OXIT coins.

OXIT Coins will become a highly tradable asset just like Bitcoin or any other crypto.

The value of the coins are derived and backed from OX’s fund that is created from user data, managed by the App.As the OX fund increases, so does the value of OXIT coins. Users will be ableto buy and sell based on this value.

As the OX user base grows, the OXIT marketplace develops, with new actions added daily that will also increase in value.

Users earn OXIT coins for anonymous and verified data added with 1-minute actions, gaining 1 OXIT per 15 seconds of time. OX’s 1-minute action feature unifies commerce with consumers through Humanthink™ behavioural science-akin to digital matchmaking.

Data is broken into 5 main data sections, from basic to highly personal data.The more valuable the data, the moreOXIT coins can be earned.

Users can also avail of commercial discounts— using, but not loosing their OXIT coins. Unlike other earning apps,OX does not deduct users coins in exchange of discounts.

It’s easy to stay a 99%er. It’s also easy to become a money making, trailblazing OX Maverick—Your choice.

Find out or miss out.