October 4, 2022

The term “Digital Revolution” refers to the transformation of technology from analog, electronic and mechanical devices to the modern-day devices we use today.

There’s no denying that this Digital Revolution has brought on immense benefit to society…The abundance of data has enabled entirely new benchmarks for running communities, as well as how entire countries do business and manage their economies. It’s provided rapid delivery of humanitarian aid, healthcare and created whole new forms of entertainment and recreation - the benefits are boundless and we have a lot more to come. In fact, every element of life has been touched and transformed by the digital era.

The impact of technology has always been associated with achieving ‘greater freedom’ – but to what extent is this true? With every positive, there’s almost always a hidden negative to follow. Let’s take a look at how the digital revolution is generating some serious negative affects…

From a macro perspective, digitalisation has pushed us to very high levels of distraction, addiction and dependence that have changed how we engage with the world. Take TikTok as a prime example, not only is it the company's business strategy to hook and addict its users, but it’s also a sophisticated surveillance tool – which gathers all levels of user data from web browsing to biometrics to location information.

In terms of data security, safety, privacy, and trust - the digital revolution has imposed unorthodox challenges to the everyday person - starting with Governments that stalk and track people through mass surveillance and big brands that illegally sell user data without asking for consent.

Cyber fraud, Internet predators, bullying, trolls, and fake news as well as ‘deepfakes’ are a whole other can of worms too - these internet side effects have created massive turmoil for millions, affecting everything from one’s mental health to life savings.

Another issue the Digital revolution causes is the fact that many jobs are becoming redundant. Humans are starting to face a new kind of competitor when it comes to seeking employment - and that’s technology itself.

Gen Z and the generation after them, Alpha, are growing up with a foreboding sense of what they will be up against - there’s no escaping the AI revolution. Companies are beginning to replace workers with machines and AI in a bid to increase productivity, reduce unit costs and improve overall production systems. This is rapidly transforming the marketplace and capitalism as a whole.

What this implies is that a lack of regulation to AI-producing tech companies may result in a very disjointed global society, one where capitalism and democracy become unrecognizable. What’s more is that these are just a few of the top-tier issues that the digital revolution must change.

At the end of the day it’s about evolution and survival - what can and can’t we control about the future of the technological world? And how sustainable is the current direction we’re going in? We have plenty of reasons why the current system should change but do we have enough power collectively to make an impact for that neccessary change to happen?

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