What's a YOOX?

October 4, 2022

Excited? Well, here’s how you can start earning right now by using 4 of your underrated resources… your time, attention, creativity, and data!

Believe it or not, these 4 have massive value even on an individual level, and we want our early members to start profiting in ways they never thought possible.

One way we’re doing this, is by allocating share ownership in OX specifically for the first 10,000 members who join our money making movement - giving you yet another avenue to earn!

This means you can become an investor, without investing ANY money - just a few minutes of your time. Act fast though, we have massive goals to help over 100 million people earn through the OX app, so if you’re part of that first 10,000 rest assured your shares will become massively valuable.

In fact, where other companies sell your data, we instead give you ownership in our company which allows YOU that profit off of US. We are flipping the industry on its head and are passionate about giving back to the people that modern tech companies have taken from.

How Do Get My Shares?

One way - the YOOX token. When OX grows, so does the value of the YOOX token. As of September 2022, 1 YOOX is worth €1 of share ownership. Think of OX as your earning method, and YOOX as your investment plan.

How Do You Earn YOOX?

You can earn YOOX by referring friends on the OX app - it’s that simple.

The earlier you are, the more YOOX you’ll earn per referral, and every new friend that joins gets you 10 YOOX (that’s €10 per referral!)

So, if you bring on 10 friends, you get 100 YOOX. Which is €100 worth of ownership, which could very significantly multiply over time.

See where this is going? The more YOOX you earn, the more share ownership you build up - and referring friends is as easy as sharing your unique link

YOOX’s magic

The name YOOX is an acronym made up from the word YO which is  ME in Spanish and OX which is short for Oxygean, the company’s full name.

Over the next 18 months, we plan on growing the brand from to mainstream level, so that millions are earning a living with OX, and we predict that this will make today’s share price 100 times more valuable.

Just to give you a quick example, let’s say you signed up 2 friends in these early stages - that’ll earn you 20 YOOX, which are €20 in shares today - but in 18 months they could be worth €2000 as OX scales up into mainstream.

Bring 10 Friends? You’ll have 100 YOOX with a potential future value of €10,000.

Refer 100 people? That’s 1000 YOOX, with a potential future value worth €100k, and that goes on...

YOOX value will increase over time, but you will also earn less of them as the company grows. So the faster you are joining and earning, the more benefit you’ll have and the more you earn. After all, the early bird gets the worm, so be the early bird and seize the opportunity!