September 29, 2022

OX is pioneering a disruptive people-centric economy in Web 3 - powered by you.

Put your phone to work for you to buy what you want, when you want - A pair of YEEZIES, a holiday with your mates, or pay outright for the latest smartphone. Give yourself the gift of self-empowerment. Make it your job, on your terms, your interests and your time. Put your phone to work 24 Hours a day.

The reason why your mobile is so lucrative is because your digital attention and data have now become the most critical element to the commercial world.

Business will engage when OX has 10 million members. That’s why we’re giving the first 10 million a reward for being fast - GBUCKS! GBUCKS are shares in OX. We just give them away, so you become an investor without paying and without losing anything. You just reap the benefits!

  • YOOX are tradable & represent income to members who stack them, through dividends or trading. That means, $$$.
  • Stack your YOOX as their value will grow massively with the growth of the OX platform. Stack em’ to climb the leader board. The higher you get the more you’re earning!

Passive or active income doesn’t get any better or bigger than this through OX unique one-minute actions. These paid actions will kick off after initial 10m downloads has been achieved. So more income coming your way!