Dec 31, 2021

Gen Z holds the key to design a brighter future

Gen Z holds the key to design a brighter future

Being young in this era isn’t easy.  

An exhausted planet and a falling economy leavea lot to be desired by the young generation, not to mention the impacts Covid has taken on their world. But a brighter future is possible and will take a unique generation with a strong will and great potential to change it.
And they are here! Gen Z, born between 1995 – 2010. 

Gen Z is the most connected generation to date and see the world in a very different way. With information and evolving technologies at their fingertips, they are using their creativity to create new ways of doing things. And most of all, they are not afraid to ask the question "WHY?" to the old methods and structures.  

The evolution of the internet has changed the way we all do things. From the internet of information (1983), to the internet of social media (the 2010s), to currently integrating every facet of our lives both personally & professionally.  

Gen Z have already discovered the next evolution - the internet of value, and the rest of the world is only catching on.

The pocket power of this Generation is unparalleled. Governments are questioned and businesses can fail because of this.
But this power can also be applied to shape their present and their future, addressing some of the larger challenges in the world.
Think about it being applied to purposeful and impactful work for example.

OX has created the GemZ marketplace to create new ways of work that enables Gen Z to drive sustainable change and get paid while making the world a better place.


For a young person, harmonizing a prosperous life with purposeful work is extremely important. So they get to enjoy the lifestyle they want, while satisfying their future self.  

For other generations who just think the only thing Gen Z are doing on their phones is social media or playing games. Think again. They are redesigning all our futures.   

We might have different journeys but together, we can help each other push the boundaries, reach our goals and realise our dreams! Join thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU, discover more, boost your skillset, energise your mind and achieve BIG.

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