Jan 13, 2022

OX GemZ - The marketplace to make an income through purposeful work 

OX GemZ - The marketplace to make an income through purposeful work  

“Actions speaklouder than words” is a concept that is proven to be true over and over again.  

Today, the planet needs more actions than words. More Immediate intervention instead of plans and speeches.  

The OX GemZ marketplace brings actions to life by connecting business & governments with the generation of the future. Small actions that benefit each party and the planet. Businesses and governments need to align to people to exist, and GemZ brings these together in an innovative marketplace resulting in creation of purposeful work for Gen Z.


  • The world and technologies are evolving, and a new approach is needed to align.   
  • Natural resources are depleting, and we need to find new solutions to survive.   
  • Economically, the next generations are struggling to reach basic need and rights.  

Basic needs for every human should be a sustainable planet, financial freedom, and fairness and equality. In essence - a lifestyle each individual deserves to enjoy.  
Taking back the right to have basic needs begins with realizing the Collective and its power. GemZ marketplace gathers this collective power and turns it into a powerful asset to target these goals. 


The marketplace creates opportunities by connecting members with businesses and governments in a mutually beneficial way -businesses need tasks/actions- and individuals can do these actions and get rewarded; like a 5-minute freelancer.   
The key is in matching the right action with the right person. Every collective is made up of uniquely different individuals and through the OX HumanThink™ behavioural science, the marketplace captures the unique value of each individual, then matches actions to them.  
Individuals can choose anonymously which actions they want to complete & get rewarded. With full consent and control. Actions vary from giving your opinion about a     product to being part of the process of creating one.  
So, every action that is done by an individual in the marketplace brings them one step closer to a better life and a better future.  
Actions earn G-bucks rewards. G-Bucks are backed by the OX Bitcoin treasury have a stacking value and the goal is to stack them to invest in their future.   

The OX GemZ is an alternative pathway to meet the needs of today while building a better future.  

We might have different journeys but together, we can help each other push the boundaries, reach our goals and realise our dreams! Join thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU, discover more, boost your skillset, energise your mind and achieve BIG.

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