Data Management

"Disclaimer: This document is for information purposes only and does not intend to create any binding obligation on the Ellorem Ireland T/A OXygean. Please note that we treat the privacy of the user with utmost care and you can refer our Privacy Policy"


Mining & Data Vault

When you mine data in the OX app, the data is written only to your OX encrypted vault on your cellular mobiles, tablet, laptop etc. OX does not have any access to your data.

OX maintains a ledger of the data packets a device holds but cannot see what's inside those packets. OX has NO access to your data

OX may do random packet verification to ensure the data is still present and valid on your device. OX will never see this data.

The ledger is used purely for matching 1-Minute Actions to you in the OX Marketplace so you can utilise your data for your financial gain but only with your explicit consent.


The 1-Minute Marketplace

When you consent to 1-Minute Actions, the data that will be used and by whom will be clearly stated before you agree to complete the action.

Also, at this point, you must consent to trade the data, otherwise, your data cannot be accessed or used under any circumstances.

After you consent, the responsibility for your data privacy is the responsibility of the third-party buyer as agreed prior to accepting the action.

Your Privacy is our top priority

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