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your brilliance! Inspire your own following of interested peers with what you know. Share your experiences, display your outstanding skills and tips to help others achieve more.

Inspire Peers

Craft visual content on what you know, share your skills while helping others expand their skillset. Build their confidence and yours too with bite-size videos that give you kudos and grow a following of like-minded people!

Gain followers and reap rewards

You have the skills and you know it, so show others how it’s done and as well as followers, build Clout and connect while earning rewards.

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Be a Thought leader

OX gets you recognised. If you’ve got something Fire to say, say it here, say it loud and get noticed for being a thought leader and live your best life!

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Record your video

Your content, your way. Your brand, your skills, your knowledge, your experience – you record what you want to say and get it out there on OX so Hype it up.


There are some... but we don't overload

You’ve got freedom but there are a few easy OX requirements; videos need to be vertical, small is beautiful so 2 minute vids please! Keep it real – we love genuine, authentic content and use #hashtags.


Our app is mobile video only in vertical format.


Your hashtags will connect your videos to the right people.

Up to 2 min

Bite size knowledge is the future - up to 2 min videos work the best. (you can stack up to 5 videos in journey)

genuine content

OX app main areas of interest are the ones of personal development. We encourage you to create real, genuine and authentic content.

highkey Topics
to engage

Be as creative as you want – we want you to give others the tools they need to develop, aspire, improve, think differently and achieve, you’re the boss.

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Reach your audience

With Humanthink™, we’ve got the tools to connect your content to the right audience and their feeds. So if you’ve got a message, we’ll get it delivered, get you noticed and show others your way of thinking/working/doing…ultimately SUCCEEDING.

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Own it, control it

Your video, your brand, your experience, your skills – you own it!  It’s all yours and only yours, we don’t sell your data. You’ve got copyright so Flex your knowledge, take it to a whole new level and show off to your audience.

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We might have different journeys but together, we can help each other push the boundaries, reach our goals and realise our dreams! Join thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU, discover more, boost your skillset, energise your mind and achieve BIG.

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