The OX Business Model

OX is all about empowering you and putting you in control of your digital assets. Explore the limitless possibilities of the OX Economy!

As an earner you can build your own data vault through OX, all with your full consent. Your data is safe and secure in this decentralized vault on your phone - OX has zero access to it.

As you keep adding to your data vault, you will earn OXIT and also get the opportunity to join the 1-Minute Action Marketplace! Remember the more you build your vault, the more opportunity you have in the marketplace.

In this marketplace, you can connect with buyers interested in your digital assets. You have complete control and can decide whether to make money from your assets. The more information you store in your vault, the more trades you can make.

Remember, OX never touches your data - you're in charge at all times.

When a trade pops up, you'll know exactly what the buyer is after and why they want it before deciding to engage. If you're up for it, the trade agreement will be securely managed through a smart contract on the blockchain. Once the trade is complete, you'll receive OXIT tokens as a reward for your valuable asset. 

OXIT is the heart of our economy - it's the currency of your digital assets' value. You can earn OXIT tokens by mining, referring new users, or participating in 1-Minute Actions. The total supply of OXIT is limited to 1.19 trillion, making it a valuable token. 

The earlier you start mining, the more value your OXIT tokens will have. Just like the Bitcoin halving model, our mining growth happens in seven exciting phases. So jump in early to make the most of it!