Earn crypto for free in the OX Personal Utility Economy

We're excited to announce the launch of our new app, while empowering Gen Z to earn crypto for free.

With OXIT tokens, you can monetize your digital self while retaining control over your data. Let's dive into the three simple steps to start earning.

  • Mining Actions: Earn OXIT Tokens for Mining your Digital Assets. Mine and encrypt your assets on your phone to earn OXIT tokens. It's a secure way to keep your assets safe for future trading, while earning crypto effortlessly.

  • Referrals: Multiply your rewards by sharing the earning opportunity with your network using your unique referral link. Earn additional OXIT tokens for every successful sign-up. Spread the word and boost your earnings.

  • Paid Actions: Soon, you will be able to trade your Assets for OXIT Tokens with third parties and get paid in OXIT tokens using smart contracts. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting feature.

OXIT Phases - Reward Structure

Rewards for mining and referrals will decrease over time. Learn more about the rewards in each phase on our OXIT phases page. So plan your earning strategy accordingly. Don’t wait too long as the phases are passing fast!

The OX Personal Utility Economy is your gateway to the Web3 economy. Earn crypto for free, protect your digital and earn from them soon.

Stay tuned for more updates as we revolutionize the world of digital assets and crypto tokens.

Check out the OXIT explainer video! 

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