OX Services

OX operates the Personal Utility Economy, known as the OX Marketplace, which enables individuals to monetize their digital selves. By using the OX app, your digital value is captured through the mining of your data assets.

Your digital assets are stored in an encrypted decentralized data vault that exists solely on your mobile phone. This means that only you have access to the vault.

Additionally, OX enables you to trade your digital assets automatically with buyers through the 1-Minute Marketplace in the OX app. However, it's important to note that each trade requires your individual consent.

By participating inthe OX Marketplace, you have the opportunity to earn OXIT tokens. These tokens are earned by capturing the value of your digital assets and trading your digital value with buyers through the 1-Minute Marketplace.

In summary, OX Services empower individuals by allowing them to own and monetize their digital value through the OX Marketplace.

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