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Meet our OX Trailblazer community

We’re proud to have some of our planet’s most inspiring creators in our 
OX Trailblazer program – and they’re proud to be able to share their own worldview with a new generation hungry for insight.
Lucia G. Onieva
Life Strategy and Emotional Agility Coach
Lucia G Onieva is a world-renowned life strategist focusing on emotional agility coaching to help you thrive in all areas of life & business
Eilin O'Carrol
Investment Management Consultant
It's not about getting rich but about having enough - enough to have the freedom of choice and to live life on your own terms.
Jeremy Ward
Focused on living a determined, focused, authentic and real lifestyle.
Adnan Hashmi
Financial Data Analyst, Stock & Crypto Investor, and Educator
I love data and want to inspire my audience to analyze data around them and make great financial decisions.
Ruhan Nel
Professional rugby player
Build a habit of speaking what is right, what is positive, what is healthy even in the face of extreme opposition or negativity.
Miracle Olatunji
Author, entrepreneur, public speaker
Miracle wants to help people: build their net worth, self worth, and their network.
Lisa Lopez
Wellness Coach
Striving to make an impact in people's lives by helping them to create healthier habits with fitness, health, and wellness.
Sandy Lin
TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur, investor
I founded my 1st business at 19, and now at 22, I am the founder of my 2nd company, Small Business Tips. I help and inspire over 300K young aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their business.
Jacqui Hurley
Sports Presenter & Author
TV & radio sports presenter with the national broadcaster in Ireland and an author, who is passionate about physical and mental well-being.
Harry McCann
Award-winning entrepreneur, journalist & international public speaker
Harry McCann, just 22 years old, is an Irish award-winning entrepreneur, journalist and international speaker.
David McHugh
Sports Marketing Professional
Sports marketing professional with over 20 years of experience managing athletes, working with brands in sponsorship, communications & activation.
Rob Kearney
Professional rugby player
To help assist others to achieve high performance and deal with setbacks.
Greg O'Shea
Pro Rugby Player, TV personality, Law Graduate
My life balancing professional sport, the spotlight from reality TV and legal studies has made me uncover a deep passion for helping others to realise their true potential.
Maryam Hameed
Life Coach
Life Coach & Blog Writer from Pakistan. Helping individuals getting heard & with real-life advice to achieve their goals.
Ademusoyo Awosika-Olumo
Software Engineer & Digital Consultant
I combine design, engineering, and strategy to build and create digital experiences.
Oluwadamilola "Dazzle" Adedeji
Spoken Word Poet & Emotional Intelligence Coach
With adequate knowledge of EQ, she helps others step into their brilliance zone. She is a superhero against stereotypes & cliches.
Tarmim Khan
Emotional Intelligence Coach & Therapist
Emotional Intelligence Coach helping you to increase your EQ levels to achieve happiness, success & fulfilment in life & relationships.
Job Kiniale
Content creator and Personal Development Blogger
I’m ambitious and enthusiastic. I derive pleasure in exploring new stuff by pushing my limits and love to see the same in other people.
Albina Chettri
EQ Coach & Co-Founder of Speak Up
Experienced in Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Public Relations, Soft Skills, EQ & Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Monika Mak
No title, just ME
The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself Is To Be Yourself.
Valeriya Kosmachuk
Motivational Speaker
Immigrant from Ukraine with burning passion for fitness and positive mindset. I believe I can change the world, and I will do it by improving myself first.
Louise Truman
CEO and Founder of Leg Up Network
As a young female founder and advocate of increasing access to the professional world for underprivileged students, I am excited to help you be successful in your ambitions, whatever they may be!
Reetu Maz
Business & Finance influencer
21 year old self-taught investor & business owner. I love educating others on investing and entrepreneurship!
Tedia Rosarion
Financial Activist
I teach people the importance of managing their money for the future and I share my entrepreneurial journey from canada ! #determination
Nesh Lonzoy
Very Fun Human
Hey there, life is a trip and a super interesting one; let's enjoy it and grow together!
Vadim Kurilov
Voice and public speaking coach
30 years of voice work experience. 20 years of managing a communications agency, organising and delivering PR and B2B presentations. Teaches Kristin Linklater's "Freeing the natural voice”
Theo Gough
Dyslexia Coach
Helping dyslexics uncover the limitless potential
Aga Sobczak
Multidimensional Coach
Multidimensional Coach empowering individuals & business worldwide. I inspire you to live your life fully and authentically with courage in your heart.
Guillermo Sanchez
Professional soccer coach and sports psychology
I believe in people's potential to lead their life into daily success in addition to impacting the life of those around
Julian Parra
Product manager, career development coach and content creator
My mission is to help as many people as I can level up in their careers and in their lives!
John Murray
Headshot Photographer & Self Image Educator
I travel the world teaching people to unconditionally love themselves and their faces by merging world class headshot photography and human Behavioural sciences
Zeke Lopez
Leadership Strategy Consultant
Coach Zeke, is a Leadership Strategy Consultant with a background in Fitness, Retail and Private Security.
Mira Marjanovic
Visionary leader, change manager, trainer; background is in Mathematics.
Aware of human possibilities, I encourage others to tap their potential.
Dallas Wilson
Student Career Coach
Helping HS, college, & recent grads achieve their goals since 2018. Relevant, real info specifically for early career journeys 👌🏾TX based
Joe Hobbs
Climate Activist
Climate activist with Fridays for Future, co-founder of the international organization Climate Cardinals, and speaker at events held across the world.
Dagmara Kasprzak
Experienced Leader in Developing and Sustaining High Performance Teams
I haven't really worked a day as every Job I've taken has had something that helped me to grow as a person. It's a good habit of recognition and learning from every experience that makes a difference.
Suraj Sharma
Actor, model, storyteller & filmmaker
Having self-belief & trust in the universe, and believes things happen for a reason.
Margaret Sitawa
Content Writer And Poet
I hope to challenge, inspire, and learn. Don't sweat the big stuff; everything is small anyway.
Sima Lutz
CEO of Brainstitute Unternehmensentwicklung
I have gained a wide range of professional experience and am a certified Radio Journalist, Psychotherapist, Psychodrama Leader, and Management Coach.
Rachel O Boyle
Life & Wellness Coach
I help people that feel stuck in their lives create a life they love living. Looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks!
Mike Fitzgerald
Founder Of Fitzgerald Career Advisory Services
I am a career coach & advisor with 20+ years of experience and am passionate about helping individuals identify & express their hopes, values & sense of mission to enhance their careers.
Kamapala Chukwuka 
Certified Confidence Coach
A Certified confidence coach dedicated to empowering women and young people find their greatness and live it out daily.
Julie Allen
Dream Career And Life Coach
I have overcome many struggles to become a Fortune 100 consultant, Dream Career & Life Coach. My purpose is to help young adults find their purpose.
Jakub Stepnik
Physiotherapist And Osteopath
Each year my life is more and more as my dream and I want to help you to get on your own path and realize yourself, experiencing marvellous things, and have a beautiful life.
Iza Schmidt
Sociologist, Mother, Cook, Herbalist, Diver
I am passionate about helping individuals identify and express their hopes, values, and sense of mission to help them strengthen and enhance their careers. 
Isaac G Crusoe
Blogger And Author
I am the author of the We Empower Hub blog. I take on personal development challenges to inspire others. My life's mission is to empower everyone I meet.
Emihle Marinette Bande
Motivational Guru
I'm the co-founder and marketing head of Walk Tall Woman, a motivational and public speaker. I'm also an ambassador of the Warrior project.
Tobias Berens
Motivation Explorer
For 20 years I am dedicated to personal development. My life purpose is to inspire and empower others to live a life of true choice in true freedom.
Sylwia Glowa
Life Coach
My mission is to empower people to truly be themselves and create lives based on their natural strengths and talents.
Shane Cradock
Author, Speaker And An Award Winning Playwright
I have over 25 years’ experience helping people to thrive - professionally and personally, I advise people with a desire to create a positive impact.
Lina Vaisnoraite
I consider myself an active, very positive, and social person who lives by ´´there´s no problems, only solutions´´ mindset.
Dr. Rupinder Kaur
Image And Softskills Trainer
My work includes helping people satisfy their social, professional, emotional, health, and practical needs with empathetic coaching techniques.
Belinda Murphy
My choreography can be seen on the big and small screen in productions including The Vikings and Brooklyn. I also worked on the original Riverdance.
Adenike Olekunle
Life Coach
My speciality is in helping young and multitalented people gain clarity about what they really want and how they can achieve their goals. 
Kim Bilawchuk
Career Coach
Inspiring young professionals to create a life of calm & ease by slowing down to get ahead
Taylor Price
CEO and Founder of TAP Intuit
I have a background in personal finance, business, and investing and would love to educate you on some of the subjects school does not prioritize enough.
Zselyke Kecskes
Digital Nomad
I devote my time to videos, daily meditation, and a newfound passion, fluid painting. Let's talk about passions, lifelong learning, and all that juicy stuff!
Cian and Jack Porter
World Renowned Irish Dancers
We have performed all over the world and we always base our success plainly on hard work.
Davontae Hunt
Career Services And Public Relations
I focus on helping clients reach attainable goals through strategic planning and methods.
Dan Glynn
Physical, Mental And Emotional Fitness Coach
I help people see beyond the physical of what truly shapes our own health, energy and ultimately, how much we live a fulfilled life.
Rachel Maeng Brown
“The Personal Brand Architect”, Fitness Coach, And Model 
As a Personal Brand Architect, I consult individuals, athletes, and companies on ways to build, control, and leverage their personal brand.

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