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Many young people are starting to realise that for professional and personal success they need LIFE SKILLS that school and college don’t teach them. So great communicators with real world experiences and insights are invaluable for them. If you’re a TRAILBLAZER who can create this kind of inspiring and empowering content, they want to hear from you – and so do we.

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The beauty of being an OX Trailblazer

  • 🤝 Making followers

    We believe in the power of OX Trailblazer’s stories to inspire. We want to enable you to share your ideas with the widest and most receptive audience possible. They gain vital understanding, you gain faithful followers.
  • 😎 Making headlines

    OX is a global platform with content viewed and shared by leading media and academic commentators. Our OX Trailblazer’s and their ideas become famous far beyond the OX platform.
  • 🚀 Making difference

    As an OX Trailblazer your content will empower young people across the world to achieve greater success in their careers and greater happiness in their lives. Isn’t that an exciting thought?

Being an OX TRAILBLAZER hasn’t just brought me new followers and enhanced earning potential – it’s given me a new awareness of the power that I personally have to be a force for good in the world.🔥

Emily Bevan  Life Coach, Burbank, USA

Meet our OX Trailblazer community

We’re proud to have some of our planet’s most inspiring creators in our 
OX Trailblazer program – and they’re proud to be able to share their own worldview with a new generation hungry for insight.
Kim Bilawchuk
Career Coach
Inspiring young professionals to create a life of calm & ease by slowing down to get ahead
Taylor Price
CEO and Founder of TAP Intuit
I have a background in personal finance, business, and investing and would love to educate you on some of the subjects school does not prioritize enough.
Zselyke Kecskes
Digital Nomad
I devote my time to videos, daily meditation, and a newfound passion, fluid painting. Let's talk about passions, lifelong learning, and all that juicy stuff!
Rachel Maeng Brown
“The Personal Brand Architect”, Fitness Coach, And Model 
As a Personal Brand Architect, I consult individuals, athletes, and companies on ways to build, control, and leverage their personal brand.
Cian and Jack Porter
World Renowned Irish Dancers
We have performed all over the world and we always base our success plainly on hard work.
Davontae Hunt
Career Services And Public Relations
I focus on helping clients reach attainable goals through strategic planning and methods.
Dan Glynn
Physical, Mental And Emotional Fitness Coach
I help people see beyond the physical of what truly shapes our own health, energy and ultimately, how much we live a fulfilled life.
Guillermo Sanchez
Professional soccer coach and sports psychology
I believe in people's potential to lead their life into daily success in addition to impacting the life of those around

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