Earn, build, unlock


Earn YOOX tokens for your time, data, attention and much more by participating in our referral program and completing simple 1-Minute Jobs. The more YOOX tokens you have, the higher your financial value!

Phase Earn
Phase Earn


Unlock your earning potential and become an active OX member by spending just an hour a week on the app. With simple 1-Minute Jobs and referring friends, earning up to €50 a month or more is within reach. That's less than 10 minutes a day to earn extra cash.


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Unlock the full potential of YOOX and its cash value by joining forces with your friends and the OX community. Invite your friends and spread the word to help us reach our target of 10 million DAU as quickly as possible. By hitting this milestone, you can unlock the money you have built up and have endless more new ways of making an income.
Don't wait any longer, join the OX community now and start unlocking the value of YOOX tokens.

Phase Earn