Personal Utility Economy

A consensual two-way relationship between individuals and third parties seeking engagement
1-Minute Action Protocol
Revolutionizing trade between businesses and individuals, the OX marketplace operates on the I-2-B model (individual to business).

With the OX 1-Minute Action Protocol, businesses directly engage with users, offering financial rewards in OXIT tokens. This innovative approach cuts costs, reduces waste, and boosts profits while ensuring user consent.

Experience a transformative trade ecosystem with OX.
OXIT self -replicating autonomous system
Mining activities generate digital value and drive demand from buyers, resulting in 1-Minute Actions. These actions are paid for with OXITs purchased by OX, which boosts the OXIT token price.
This attracts new users, sustains the mining process, and expands the autonomous system. You can also download the app from our website.

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